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An unexpected pregnancy is So Big. Helping Moms and their children is So Big. ​Educating, Supporting, and Loving Others is So Big. We are a non-profit organization that offers Hope for expectant women. So Big wraps their arms around the challenges that go with an unexpected pregnancy and provides a home where mother and child can thrive, where families are strengthened, and where God’s love can transform lives. ​So Big supports the health of the pregnant mother by connecting women with food, shelter, and prenatal care, encourages education and self sufficiency in the job market, and provides life skills courses. We also make referrals to community agencies and state programs for further assistance when needed.

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Donate to So Big

By donating to So Big, you are meeting the needs of our moms and their children and bringing Hope to their lives. You can contribute to the So Big Movement by giving a gift in several different ways. ​If you want to honor someone special or remember a loved one with your gift, we will gladly send them a note, letting them know of your thoughtfulness. ​Whether a one time gift or monthly donation, you will help maintain steady funding for So Big’s operational costs and the care we provide for our moms and children. You can click below to securely set up a monthly gift for the So Big Movement.

So Big Born to Sparkle Fundraising Gala

We are currently in need of people to help with our fundraising gala that will be held on the evening 10/052023. Areas of opportunity include being a member of the silent auction committee, helping with set up and or clean up the night of the event. If interested please contact board member Matt McCoy at