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Jacob Pickett Response Organization
Jacob Pickett Response Organization

We count on our law enforcement members every day. Their families are an integral part of their service, standing with them as they serve our communities. However when tragedy hits a law enforcement family in an unconventional way, one that is not clearly defined to provide conventional support, then there is often none to be found. Tragedies like a spouse’s devastating diagnosis, a sick child, a tragic accident, or a mental health crisis. These command unconventional action. In memory of our befallen hero, Jake Pickett, and all those who give selflessly as he had, we choose to respond. Especially when support is otherwise missing. We will step up and #respondlikejake.

Jacob Pickett Response Organization Opportunities
Sponsorship Opportunities

Our law enforcement officers (LEOs) need to be able to rely on great partners, both in the field and in their community. We appreciate you considering a partnership with the Jacob Pickett Response Organization, or JPRO, in our work to build bridges and break down barriers between LEOs and the communities they serve. LEOs are often there for us in some of the worst moments of our lives. They choose to serve their communities, to sometimes put themselves in harm's way, and to do it all for a paycheck that often does not make ends meet in the worst moments of their own lives. When those moments happen, JPRO will be there for them like they've been there for us. Your support means the world to us and to them!

5th Annual Deputy Jacob Pickett Remembrance Day Donations

Law Enforcement Officers serve our communities everyday. Showing up for us. As an organization, the Jacob Pickett Response Organization steps in when they may be going through the worst part of their lives. Help us help them. The past 3 years, your donations have allowed us to help 7 families giving nearly $45,000. Will you #respondlikejake and give to help us fulfill our mission?